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Our social engagement

t-groep has been in partnerships with various non-profit organizations for many years. Supporting target groups that face greater difficulties or can use extra support is part of every socially engaged enterprise.

Our social engagement



Absoluut vzw as an assistance organization, supports persons with disabilities based on the Personal Assistance Budget (PAB) and the Persoonsvolgend (Personal) Budget (PVB). They inform budget holders about the possibilities of the budget. They do this through their website, info line, newsletter, brochures, info moments and workshops. In addition, the coaches offer personal assistance. Need more info? Please visit their website



Alin vzw assists each budget holder in organizing their support and justifying the costs that are booked through the Persoonsvolgend Budget. Tailored to the budget holder ,they see how the budget can be optimally applied. They always base this on the person himself!


Day of caring

Day of Caring is an open day for care, welfare and white economy, and takes place annually on the third Sunday of March. The Day of Caring creates a social basis for the needs and developments in the care and welfare sector. The tone is positive and assertive. With a joining of forces, they chart the sector in its full extent and diversity.


Independent Life 

Independent Life VZW for people with disabilities. They also ensure that these people can lead an ordinary life in society. We do not do this alone, but with our partners and more than a hundred volunteers. As a disability organization, we assist everyone in their search for the most appropriate support and assistance. We do this with a team of experienced experts who give fast, personal and expert advice all over Flanders.



Zoom vzw: disability organization for and by users! Zoom groups, informs and supports each holder of a Personal (persoonsvolgend) budget. Zoom provides support in the allocation, management and accountability of that budget. Zoom works from a pluralistic attitude with respect for everyone's beliefs. Zoom is based on the experience of many care and support users within facilities or in own management with vouchers or in cash. At Zoom vzw, you can count on maximum support in an inclusive society and on maximum development with respect for one's own choices.



ALS/SLA League

Patient Association ALS League Belgium focuses to all Belgian ALS patients. ALS is an incurable and deadly muscular nerve disease that disables the body. The League is funding scientific research, supports and informs patients and family members. The operation is entirely dependent on donations and income from operations and projects. All support is offered free of charge to patients.



MyAssist is the youngest assistance organization. We are committed to optimal support during the use of the Personal budget.
The client's need comes first for us. We work out solutions, whether it's at home care, care in an institution or a combination of both.


The warmest week 

Each year we take an active part in Studio Brussels's Warmest Week.