"An employer whose thinking isn't compartmentalized"

Things are moving at t-interim. Not only does companies send through more vacancies, but a fresh breeze is also blowing through the organization internally. The dedication? Getting the company ready for a more digital and more customizable future than ever. In 2017, the consultants were able to become acquainted with a new computer program used to set up contracts. An ATS system will be launched in the next few months, which should make things simpler to circulate vacancies across the different on-line channels. Collectively, all the investments will lead to less administrative work and more time for the screening of job-seekers and matching with employers. "A huge leap forward", evaluates Petra Jacobs (47) office manager in Lommel and Neerpelt. "It feels like we all jumped on the high-speed train."

t-interim - Petra Jacobs - Een werkgever die niet in hokjes denkt - klein

In heaven

These interventions also have consequences for her own career at t-interim. Starting from 1 April, she will no longer be office manager, she will be account manager responsible for the Limburg province, a brand new position. "The intention is that I will provide commercial support for the ten offices in this region. I will no longer have consultants under my care, but will be busy with prospecting and client retention on a full-time basis.” She realizes this won't be a simple task. But she can't wait to get started. "After all these years in the interim world, I know where my strengths lie. If you ask me what gives me the most satisfaction, then it has to be the contact with clients. If I can convince a company to entrust all its vacancies to us, I am in heaven for the rest of the day. Then I can take on the world! "So bring on those targets." (laughing)

Realistic expectations

Petra is quite confident that challenges at t-interim will also keep on coming in future. "It's one of the reasons why I like to work here. You know there will always be something new to come your way. It is also great to know the objectives remain realistic. It's a mountain you can cross, not Mount Everest. Furthermore, I strongly appreciate the fact that they don't suffer from compartmentalized reasoning. They give you the freedom and autonomy to think about the best approach on your own. You get the chance to show what you are capable of."

Petra had already dropped a hint with management two years ago that a new challenge would be welcome. She was then given the opportunity to open an additional employment agency in Neerpelt. Which she did with gusto, by the way, because the office now employs three consultants and turnover already doubled a few times. In between, she followed training on coaching new colleagues. The insights gained from this, she now applies during boot camps with newcomers. "The question was raised in the Organization whether I would be interested in giving a commercial basic training during the training program for starters. I said 'yes', although I eventually had to seriously encourage myself to stand up before such a large group. That was totally new to me."

"It feels like we all jumped on the high-speed train."