t-groep gives me so many opportunities

The familial atmosphere, versatility, working with people, autonomy. Temporary Recruitment Consultant Thomas Van Moer has several very good reasons to be satisfied with his job at t-groep. Maybe his arguments could convince you too... If you think so, come and have a chat in one of the offices.

It is a very social job which requires you to be an allrounder.

As a student of Sport and Exercise Science, Thomas Van Moer was not exactly cut out to be a Temporary Recruitment Consultant. Yet today he is over the moon with his job. And this is mainly thanks to his employer: “Due to health problems, I could not complete my studies”, he says. “In many businesses that would be a letdown, but at t-groep they look further. Motivation and ambition are more important here than a diploma. They give you every opportunity, regardless of your background.”

Thomas Van Moer, Temporary Recruitment Consultant


Thomas has worked in the t-interim office Gent-zeehaven for eight months. It is where he supports business in their search for temporary additional staff. The start was far from easy, but thanks to the excellent guidance of his colleagues - three Temporary Recruitment Consultants and an office manager - the first months passed without too many problems. Thomas: “They immediately included me in the team, which was great. It is also typical of the familial and amiable atmosphere in t-groep.”

As a Temporary Recruitment Consultant, Thomas is a real allrounder. One moment he is looking for jobseekers, the next moment he is busy planning for the (pt) working students. Next he is considering employment contracts, and then he is talking to employers. “It is a very social job which expects you to be an allrounder”, he explains. “You must increase your knowledge of the retail sector and the industry, of the world of the service providers as well as the workers. At times it makes the job complicated, but also fascinating.”

Together we can be more efficient

To give the Temporary Recruitment Consultants even more support in the future, t-groep is currently working hard on the renewal of their systems. The company hopes to simplify the administration as well as the searching and matching of jobseekers and employers in the short term. Thomas: “We are obviously looking forward to it. We can of course make suggestions ourselves. If we see ways of working more efficiently, they are happy to listen. All of this makes this workplace particularly attractive to me, even better than I expected. The challenges and autonomy I have here, have been a positive surprise.”